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The Body in Hittite Witchcraft – Lecture/Video-Conference

“The Individual and his Body in the Ancient Mediterranean Basin”, organized by Alice Mouton.
Session VII

The Body in Hittite Witchcraft, Lecture and Video-Conference
by Laura Puértolas Rubio, Sorbonne University Thursday, March 23, 2017 4 p.m.-6 p.m. (Paris time) at the Ivry sur Seine CNRS building, 27 rue Paul Bert, Porte de Choisy/Porte d’Ivry subway station, room C in the basement or by distance through video-conference


Two types of human bodies are present in the Hittite texts dealing with witchcraft: that of the bewitched and that of the bewitcher. The body of the bewitched person is described several times as “tied” or/and “nailed down”.

During this talk, I will study these examples, analyzing each expression in its context, with the objective of better understanding their meaning and the conception(s) of the bewitched body. The body of the bewitcher will also be alluded to, as a complementary approach.

This presentation constitutes the seventh monthly session of the interdisciplinary seminar “The Individual and his Body in the Ancient Mediterranean Basin” organized by Alice Mouton.


All persons interested in attending the free session (either in Ivry sur Seine or through video-conference) are welcome, but should register by e-mail beforehand.


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