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Healthcare Fit for a King

The Middle East Department of the British Museum has just received a Wellcome Research Resources Award in Humanities and Social Science.

The Project, ‘Introducing Assyrian Medicine: Healthcare Fit for a King’, plans to make the corpus of medical texts from Nineveh in the British Museum accessible online.

The Wellcome award will be for up to £353,277.00 over 36 months, administered by the British Museum.

The proposed start date is 04 May 2020.  The PI of the project is Jonathan Taylor, with collaborators Irving Finkel from the British Museum and Mark Geller from University College London.

The two project curators working on the Project will be Strahil Panayotov and Krisztian Simko, both of whom previously worked in the ERC Project BabMed at the Freie Universität, Berlin.

First posted by Mark Geller <> via AGADE list April 24, 2020.


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