Season Two: Frequently Asked Questions

Extensive knowledge and skills are required for the doctoral project. The challenges change at different stages of the doctorate. While at the beginning of the doctorate, for example, finding a topic and funding issues can lead to crises, in the later stages issues and experience regarding supervision and collaboration in the research group are significant. With completion, the writing process sometimes presents itself as difficult and the question of the next career steps arises.  

Dahlem Research School is planning a series of episodes on various topics that doctoral researchers often ask questions about. We will address a variety of topics through interviews with experts and contacts at the FU Berlin. Following the individual episodes, short workshops will be planned to delve deeper into the topics and to ask our experts questions. You can sign up for „Mini-Workshops“ on our booking platform here.

The first episode was released in May 2023 and we’ll continue to release episodes until the season is complete! Learn about new episodes as they come out – sign up for our newsletter here.


  • Episode 1: Kirsten Schmiester from the Welcome Service at the FU Berlin provides important information and tips for doctoral researchers from abroad who are under contract at FU.
  • Episode 2: In an interview with Prof. Heberle, the ombudsperson of the FU, we address questions that doctoral researchers often ask in our workshops.
  • Episode 3: Join us for a chat with Sandra Neumann from ScholarMinds on mental health during your doctorate.
  • Episode 4: Listen in to our chat with Dr. Anselm Spindler, writing coach and workshop facilitator, as we talk about academic writing.
  • Episode 5: Learn about bringing your research closer to society with the transfer office team – and find out what they can do for you.
  • Episode 6: Dr. Marlies Klamt talks about supervisors and building a good supervisor relationship.
  • Episode 7: Amanda Wichert talks about the German job market and the challenges of finding a job in Germany for international academics.
  • Episode 8: Is a doctorate right for you? Marlies talks about deciding whether or not to do a doctorate and walks listeners through the decision-making process.
Enjoy listening!