Michael Grünstäudl (Gruenstaeudl), PhD

Researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin

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New paper – A Python package for DNA sequence submissions

Facilitating DNA sequence submissions to ENA I just published a new paper on a Python package to facilitate the user-friendly submission of plant and fungal DNA barcoding sequences to ENA. Co-author of the software is an undergraduate student, who (as part of his bachelor thesis) designed the graphical user interface for the software.

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New paper – Bioinformatic Workflows for Generating Complete Plastid Genome Sequences

In science, standardization and repeatability is a must. Together with two other scientists, I just published a new paper on bioinformatic workflows for generating complete plastid genome sequences in the context of plastid phylogenomics of the water-lily clade. We demonstrate that standardization and repeatability are essential elements for modern plant phylogenomics and how such standardization […]

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New paper – Conserved plastid genome structure in early-diverging angiosperms

Not so different after all. Together with two other scientists, I just published a new paper on the plastid genome structure of early-diverging angiosperms. We demonstrate that the plastid genomes of early-diverging angiosperms are much more conserved than previously considered.  

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