chicken and egg

cf the little prince post (not ready yet though)
cf “Perspectives and networks” on arxiv

It suffice to agree that no model captures Everything to derive that it is impossible to prove that the properties of a model are properties of a real object as opposed to properties of the way we look at it, i.e. as opposed to properties of the model. Subtle differences in the way we look at an object can result in far from subtle differences in the ways to understand how it works. Under such conditions, since we only ever consider an object from a perspective (in other terms, since we never are god (assuming god is something who can simultaneously see absolutely Everything from absolutely Every point of view (assuming that even makes sense)), it makes no sense scientifically to be talking of real objects as opposed to models or perspectives, nor does it therefor make any sense to compare to one another models/perspectives in terms of anything that is not a model/perspective.