Matthew Keegan and Johannes Stephan participated in the transregional academy on “Minor/Small Literatures” at the ZfL, Berlin.

Matthew Keegan and Johannes Stephan presented their research on the Arabic literary tradition in the transregional academy on “Minor/Small Literatures. Perspectives on World Literature from Elsewhere” that took place between July 11 and July 20 in the Leibniz Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung in Berlin. The academy confronted the concept of minor/small literature, as developed by Guattari/Deleuze with recent notions of world literature, such as Pascale Casanova’s (The World Republic of Letters) and Pheng Cheah’s (What is a World?).

Read some reflections by Johannes Stephan and Daria Eldridge here.

Find more information on anonymclassic team members’ presentations here.


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