Dr. phil.habil. Tilo Grätz

Research Associate,Institute for Media and Communication Studies

Radio and Media appropriation in West Africa: Case Study Republic of Bénin

New media laws and technologies are transforming radio broadcasting in West Africa. I analyse this change using the example of the appropriation of radio technologies in the Republic of Benin. This process takes place in the interplay between producers, listeners and technical possibilities under the influence of media policy institutions. Local radio cultures are developing, which manifest themselves in typical themes, broadcast formats and practices of using radio in everyday life. The most successful programmes are interactive. They allow discussions of social, political and personal issues.                                                            

Major Publication :                                                                  

Grätz, Tilo 2014.  Technologische Dramen. Radiokulturen und Medienwandel in Benin (Westafrika). Bielefeld: Transcript.

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Grätz, Tilo 2014. Radio Call-In Shows on Intimate Issues in Benin: “Crossroads of Sentiments”. African Studies Review 57 (1): 25-48.


Grätz, Tilo 2013. (ed. special issue) New Media Entrepreneurs and Changing Styles of Public Communication in Africa. Journal of African Cultural Studies 25(1):1-13.


Grätz, Tilo 2013. Radio advertising and entrepreneurial conjunctions in Benin: producers, styles and technologies, Journal of African Cultural Studies, 25:1, 42-56

DOI: 10.1080/13696815.2013.749779

Grätz, Tilo. (2014). Christian religious radio production in Benin: The case of Radio Maranatha. Social Compass, 61(1), 57-66.

DOI: 10.1177/0037768613513943


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