Live Session to Workshop “Universities on the way to Climate Neutrality” tomorrow, Nov. 05th, 2020

We look forward to welcoming you to the Workshop “Universities on the way to Climate Neutrality” on November 5th, 2020 from 4-6pm CET, the last of the UAS Conference – Workshop Series 2020.

To create a space for networking despite the different time zones, we use a virtual event platform provided by Lounjee. Start building your profile today and connect with sustainability experts from across the globe – even before the event!

Please sign up to the platform via this link:

  • In the AGENDA you can select the Workshop “Universities on the Way to Climate Neutrality” – please click on register to see more details, like INFO and other PARTICIPANTS. You can also start using the Q&A section to post questions for our live session.
  • You will be able to join the Live Session STREAM through Lounjee on Thursday. In case of any questions you are welcome to write to
  • In the SPONSORS profiles you find further information on the sustainability and climate protection activities of our partner universities and guest speakers from FUB, UBC and UC Berkeley.
  • Start networking with fellow sustainability experts that signed up for the workshops as soon as you are registered. Connect via chat function and 1-1 video calls and make use of the profile information each participant provides – the platform will also suggest interesting contacts.
  • This video tutorial will take you through the registration steps and all benefits of Lounjee step by step.

We are excited to connect with you all soon!

In case that you do not want to take part via Lounjee and miss out on the networking use this link:
Webex Participation Link:
(Meeting-ID: 121 234 4644, Password: XNjrUMU7h23<9

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