UAS PhD workshop has inspired new initiative

Inspired by their participation in the PhD Workshop” Sustainable Development Research – an Interdisciplinary Chance or Challenge?”, three PhD students have initiated a workshop series at their home university, the University of Edinburgh.

The interdisciplinary PhD workshop. held as part of the digital UAS conference in November 2020 brought PhD students from all over the world together to discuss their research in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for five days.

In this blogpost, Emma Yule, Kim Vender and Zakary Campbell-Lochrie share their insights from attending the workshop as well as the plans they have to start a workshop series for research exchange around the SDGs at the University of Edinburgh.

We are very pleased with the positive response to the UAS PhD workshop and the wonderful new initiative it has sparked at the University of Edinburgh.

Learn more about the initiative at UoE here.

PhD students from the University of Edinburgh. Image credit: UoE.

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