List of Presentations Workshop: Higher Education for Sustainability in Turbulent Times

List of pre-recorded presentations:

Dear participants,

Thank you for choosing our workshop! Please find below all our workshop contributions sorted by three categories, corresponding to the three breakout sessions during our live session (see program).

Note: We really recommend you to watch as many videos as possible before the live workshop, as they are an integral part of the conference program and above all fun to watch! If your time is limited, please watch at least the presentations of your chosen breakout session! (You may also make your choice after their introduction during the workshop.)

Landscape level (macro-level) of change:

This session will focus on larger, broader questions of transformation in higher education for sustainability, e.g. the role of power and discourses, emotions, ‘neutrality’ vs. taking a political stance, the role of digitalization, global inequalities etc.

Keynote: Arjen Wals

Dr. Birgit Hoinle, & Dr. Rocío Rueda Ortiz, Tübingen University, Germany & Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Bogotá, Columbia: “Decolonizing HESD – Perspectives, Epistemologies and Methodologies from the Global South within Tübingen University´s Studium Oecologicum

Fredrik Sjögren & Fredrik Sunnemark, University West, Trollhättan Sweden: “WIL create: Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and Sustainable Development”

Dr. Julia Kotzebue, University of Hamburg, Germany: “Digital Internationalisation in Higher Education Institutes: Challenges of a Digital Research in Trinidad and Tobago”
Dr. Moira Juliana Zuazo Oblitas, Freie Universität Berlin & Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Germany and Bolivia: “A South-North Virtual Classroom for Sustainablility – Course Cooperation between Germany and Bolivia”

Institutional level (meso-level) of change:

This session will focus on questions of transformation through HEI institutional changes, e.g. curricular reform, cooperation with university stakeholders etc.

Jennifer Maria Krah, University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Germany: “Creating Transformative Learning Environments through Curricular Reform – The Case of the State of Brandenburg”
Anneke Schaardt, Kiel School of Sustainability, Germany: “Problem-Based Learning as Transformative Experience – The Case of the Yooweedoo Changemaker Curriculum

Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Koch, University College Cork, Ireland: “Promoting Sustainable Citizenship with a University-Wide Sustainability Module”

Antje Goller, Leipzig University, Germany: “Implementing ESD in the Curriculum of Subject-Related Teacher Training at the Example of Saxony´s ETH Course

Project level (micro-level) of change:

This session will focus on opportunities, learnings and challenges faced by specific innovative educational formats in transforming higher education in the classroom.

Senan Gardiner, University of Vechta, Germany: “Coping with Despair in ESD: Can we Teach Active Hope?”

Dr. Inken Reimer, Kiel School of Sustainability, Germany: “Research for Change: Transformative research and learning for local sustainable development within the M.A. programme Sustainability, Society and Environment
Frederik Ernst, Rostock University, Germany: “Learning (Living) Lab – Transformative Learning in a Community Garden”

Dr. Pia Spangenberger, Technical University Berlin, Germany: “Engaging Students in Renewable Energy Technologies by Using a Serious Game”

Claudio Lucchiari, Raffaella Folgieri, Isabella Nardon, Elena Gaevskaya, Nikolay Borisov, Olga Babina; Milan University, Italy; Saint- Petersburg State University; Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; “Digital Competences Development via Personal Meaning Maps Methodology”

We wish you lots of fun and new insights! See you in our live session on Tue, Oct. 20, 4-7 pm CET!