You will work in groups of ~3 students. You will design a user interface (high-fidelity prototype) for a very specific user group solving a very specific problem. Furthermore, you will use a human-centered design process and a selection of HCI methods to develop your project.

Overview of Groups

Team ThemaMembers
Team 1DRK -Registrierung
(vielleicht PEACE)
Alfred Jäckel
Niklas Rosseck
Team 2 „Die Vergessenen“ „Wahl-O-Mat“Jan Ehlting
Lilli Schmidt
Christopher Yousufzad
Team 3Smoke Free – OnboardingHenry Bahnasawy
Alexandra Degen
Anna Gunaza
Team 4TK ePA Accessibility
Jakob Schmock
Simon Sasse
Petrit Vidishiqi
Team 5Fimo Health AppClara Schegel
Felix Sekul
Hendrik Zanzig
Team 6??? Barrierefreiheit Cüneit Bebek
Luis Günther