In case of peace?

3. Science and stuff

[This is a draft]

science is like nothing else you can experience

Science isn’t incompatible with anything else. So in particular, it doesn’t require of us to all be practicing the same activities (thinking the same thoughts, believing the same beliefs even less).  Ballet dance like caber toss, christianism like atheism, crochet like Karate, all fit equally well with the practice of science. Of course, you might want to refrain from practicing science non-stop. That tends to make people around you weary. Apart from that, there are no contraindications. Science is healthy. In case of peace, it won’t require us to all become monomaniacs. It actually doesn’t require of anybody to become a monomaniac.

Another thing that distinguishes science from caber toss and other sports, and also from meditation and sex is this: science is a service. In that respect science is more like political governance. Of course the institutionalisation of that often makes it hard to discern what the service actually is. But science’s case is much easier to extricate and redeem. I’m not sure politics can be anything else than the frantic substantiation of both important problems and their (expected) solutions. But I know that science is by definition a discipline of taking a step back  to challenge encountered snags and methodically explore the relevant ways of obsoleting them.




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