In case of peace?

2. Inevitable things like sex and science

[This is a draft]

Why is science per se bound to be made?

One part of the explanation is very ordinary. Humans who are brought together repeatedly in the practice of a particular activity – whether it be cricket, family dinners, anarchism, warfare, wrestling or martial arts – necessarily end up establishing grounds rules – tacit or explicit – to serve the purpose of their common practice. Science is no exception.

Actually, science is an exception. A very big one.

That’s the second part of the explanation. Forget this rubbish about science being a sport. Science is something completely different. Caber toss, board games, warfare … all those things have arbitrary rules. Because of this, the rules and the interest they raise cannot both be consistent over time and space. In that respect, science is much more like sex and meditation than organised games. Science is a sort of reflex asceticism conjured by a raw feeling of belonging and attraction to the human world. Its rules are not arbitrary. The implementation protocol varies over time and space of course (for precisely the same reasons as sex’s does). But the core defining rule remains the same: strip your understanding from all the preconceptions you can find on the way of you thinking as a representative instance of present humanity. (something like that if not something else)

With this, you don’t just get a form of science, you get science itself.

And also from this follows another good thing about science. Continue reading…

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