Hybrid Workshop: Digital traces on the Internet from the One Health perspective – a methodological seminar 

Nowadays researchers widely use Internet media data to investigate the behavioural and affective dynamics of the public during COVID-19 pandemics. However, non-English European languages are highly underrepresented and other non-human health problems are not covered at all. Cross-sector communication, collaboration and knowledge exchange are still significant challenges for practical integration of human, animal, plants and environmental health issues. Adoption of One Health solutions can be divided into two pillars:  

  •  Infodemiology is very useful in understanding social perception during the pandemic by quantifying dynamics of interest (demand and supply of content) and discourse patterns. It plays a complmentary role to standard tools such as surveys and allows for the analysis in real time. 
  •  Infosurveillance could be useful for one public health decision makers in some specific areas such as predicting disease prevalence or early warning and source detection of health crisis event (also complmentary to standard tools such as disease surveillance and environmental monitoring system).

We hereby invite to attend a mini-workshop on media monitoring and analysis for One Health issues at the Institute for Veterinary Epidemiology and Biostatistics, FU Berlin organised by Prof. Vitaly Belik and Mr. Andrzej Jarynowski, as part of the DFG research (458528774) project „COVINT“.

Speakers and topics of workshop: Digital traces on the Internet from the One Health perspective

Vitaly Belik (Leader of Working Group System Modelling, Institute for Veterinary Epidemiology and Biostatistics FU Berlin)


Andrzej Jarynowski (computational epidemiologist, Institute for Veterinary Epidemiology and Biostatistics FU Berlin)

Real-time monitoring of Polish and German media during Odra River ecological disaster: infoveillance (i.e. source detection and early warning) and infodemiology (i.e.  discourse narratives, information needs and fake new propagations)

Marcus Röckl and Maximilian Paul (students FU Berlin)

Twitter as a mirror of coronasceptic protests in Vienna 2021/2022

Daniel Płatek (postdoctoral fellow at Departments of Administrative, Economic and Social Sciences, Lund University/Assistant professor (incoming) at Institute of Political Studies of the Polish, Academy of Sciences in Warsaw)

Protests in media: sociological methods to process data from digital news portals and tools to analyse them

Monika Wójta Kempa (Chief of Department of Health Humanities and Social Sciences, Wroclaw Medical University)

Digital health communication and online health information: attempt to understanding impact on health decisions

Time & Location – Hybrid event (link to webex )

August 29, 2022 | 13:00- 14:30

Königsweg 67

Ge­bäude 21, 1. OG

14163 Berlin

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