Lessons learnt from flood in Thessaly from one public health perspective using Internet digital traces

According to the Crisis Coordination Center in Larissa over 200 000 animals (61 786 sheep and goats, 19 355 pigs, 5 306 head of cattle, and 123 810 birds) have vanished from the storm Daniel in Thessaly during the first wave of flood (7-12.09.2023). Most of them drown. 

Veterinary crisis response

To mitigate the impacts of floods on farm and companion animals as well as one public health, multiple effects were taken. This includes providing proper shelter, securing food and water supplies, and having evacuation plans when necessary. Additionally, local authorities veterinary inspection and animal welfare organizations often play a crucial role in rescue and relief efforts during flood events:

  • Rescue efforts: In many cases, rescue teams and animal welfare organizations mobilize to help stranded and at-risk animals during floods. These efforts can include evacuating animals to safer locations, providing food and water, and offering medical care.
  • Economic compensation: For farmers, floods caused  significant economic losses due to damage or loss of livestock, crops, and infrastructure (>2 Billions Eur).

Trajectory of interest

The study employs both qualitative and quantitative methods to assess Greek digital traditional and social media in September 2023.  We collected mentions related to flood by Brand24 (supply of information) and Google trends (demand of information). The goal of this analysis is to see what is the social reaction to the threat (bottom up approach). 

Fig. Flood in media (by Brand24)

Missing and displaced animals

Floodwaters can force animals to leave their habitats, resulting in displacement. Farm animals, such as cattle and horses, may roam aimlessly in search of higher ground, often getting separated from their owners. Farm animals often rely on structures like barns and coops for shelter. Flooding can destroy these structures, leaving animals exposed to the elements.

Death animals

Floodwaters can carry debris and contaminants that pose health risks to animals. Injuries and drowning can also occur as animals attempt to navigate the floodwaters.

Floods can disrupt the availability of food and clean water for both farm and companion animals. Animals may go without food or water for extended periods if their owners are unable to provide for them.

Infectious diseases

There are multiple discussions covering issues related to epidemiological and epizootiological threats due to flood. I.e. Diarrhoea.

Fig. Diarrhoea (by Brand24) 


Due to climate change and anthropological impact (i.e. wars) Europe is expecting more and more threats for one public health (with focus on veterinary issues) in future. To mitigate the impacts of ecological disasters such as floods on farm and companion animals, it’s essential for one health authorities in not only have emergency plans in place, but also crisis communication skills. This includes early warning systems or  media monitoring activity during the event. Additionally, local authorities and animal welfare organizations often play a crucial role in rescue and relief efforts during flood events.

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