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Monatsarchiv für Juni 2015

Prof. Irwin Collier of the JFK-Institute Department of Economics launches his blog

Thanks to a research grant from the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Irwin Collier has undertaken several „archival expeditions“ to collect material for his project in the history of economics that focuses on the development of the graduate economics education at Columbia, Chicago and Harvard in the first half of the 20th century. In this blog he is […]

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Workshop: Political Art and the Aesthetic-Political

Political Art and the Aesthetic-Political International Workshop  June 12-13, 2015, JFKI, Room 319 Conveners: Thomas Greven (FU Berlin), Robert Pirro (Georgia Southern University), Jasper Trautsch (University of Regensburg) Friday, June 12 2:00pm – 4pm                       Panel 1: Film and TV Chair: Robert Pirro (Georgia Southern University) William Glass (University of Warsaw): Conservative Means to Feminist […]

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New Website JRG „Fictions of Management: American Naturalism and Managerial Culture, 1875-1925“

The Dahlem International Network Junior Research Group “American Literature and Managerialism, 1875-1925” is proud to announce its new website. Under you’ll find information on its members, their projects, as well as past and upcoming events.

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