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Practices for Inducing and Coping with Uncertainty

Monatsarchiv für März 2017

Lecture Announcement: OC-Project „Secrecy“ will present first research findings at international conferences

The Organized Creativity Project I.3 „Secrecy as Organizing Uncertainty in Creative Processes“ will be represented at two international conferences: Berlin/Frankfurt O., March 29, 2017 1. with Keynote-Lecture by Prof. Jana Costas, Ph.D. (European University Viadrina, Germany) at 9th Annual Global Advances in Business and Communication Conference, University of Antwerp, Mai 22–24, 2017. Title: „Secrecy at […]

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How is Creativity Governed? An Illustration from the Music Industry

How is Creativity Governed? An Illustration from the Music Industry Gregory Jackson/Tobias Theel, Berlin, March 23, 2017 How is creative collaboration in the music industry governed? Creativity is not merely an individual process of a lone genius, but often an outcome of socially embedded collaboration (e.g. Sawyer 2007; 2012). Yet the idea of organizing a […]

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First Conference Presentations and Publications

First Conference Presentations and Publications Berlin, March 10, 2017 Four papers with first results from our joint research have been accepted for presentation at leading international conferences such as those of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) in Boston, USA, and the European Groups of Organization Studies (EGOS) in Copenhagen, Denmark.  A paper on “Studying […]

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Follow Organized Creativity on ResearchGate

Organized Creativity on ResearchGate Berlin, Mar 6, 2017 Creativity is widely understood as the generation of novel and valuable ideas. Drawing on empirical comparisons of an arts-based and a science-based field, both of which are in turmoil because of disruptive economic, technological and regulatory changes, this research unit seeks to contribute to the development of […]

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