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Robert Dimand on „Mabel Timlin and the Transformation of Canadian Economics.“

In cooperation with the Embassy of Canada to Germany, the John F. Kennedy Institute presents a lecture by Prof. Robert Dimand of Brock University (Ontario) on „Mabel Timlin and the Transformation of Canadian Economics.“ Prof. Dimand is a visiting Professor of the Graduate School of North American Studies.
 Dimand Poster
Mabel Timlin (1891-1976), author of Keynesian Economics (1942), had an extraordinary career that was central to the transformation of Canadian economics from an institutional, historical and localized focus to engagement with economic theory. Even though she did not become an assistant professor until her fiftieth year, Mabel Timlin advanced from department secretary to full professor at the University of Saskatchewan, the first woman outside the natural sciences elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the first woman to be president of the Canadian Political Science Association (which then included economics), one of the first ten women and one of the first Canadians on the executive committee of the American Economic Association, an active participant in the International Economic Association, and an outspoken critic of the Bank of Canada’s monetary policy.
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