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Monatsarchiv für Februar 2011

The Budget and Partisanship: Spotting the Spin

Reading through budget proposals and plans on how to reduce government spending might traditionally not be the most exciting pasttime for students of political science (or concerned voters), however, the current debates certainly deserve to be monitored very closely. After the President handed in his budget proposal for 2012, the House passed a Republican sponsored […]

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President Obama’s Budget Proposal for 2012

President Barack Obama submitted his administration’s budget proposal for the fiscal year 2012 to Congress on Monday. Investment priorities include higher education and infrastructure, as well as a focus on strengthening Social Security. In his Message to Congress, the President also notes that he continues to oppose the permanent extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax […]

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Obamas (versuchte) Gesundheitsreform [APuZ 4/2010]

US-Präsident Barack Obama sagte in einer Rede vor beiden Kammern des Kongresses am 9. September 2009: „Ich bin nicht der erste US-Präsident, der sich dem Problem der Reform der Krankenversicherung annimmt, aber ich bin entschlossen, der letzte zu sein.“[1] Aus dieser Bemerkung wird nicht nur das historische Ausmaß der Reforminitiative im Gesundheitsbereich deutlich, sondern auch das Engagement und […]

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Judicial and Political Opposition to Health Care Reform

After a second federal judge, Roger Vinson of Federal District Court in Pensacola, Fla., ruled it unconstitutional for Congress to enact health care laws that would require citizens to become insured, a Supreme Court ruling on the issue seems ever more likely. In a recent op-ed piece for The New York Times, Frank Rich interprets […]

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Obama’s Comeback?

Since the mid-term “shellacking” last November, the President’s approval ratings have been on the rise. The President’s speeches in Tuscon and on the State of the Union seem to have had a positive effect on public opinion, even drawing praise from conservative pundits and members of the Republican Party. Prior to last night’s Super Bowl, […]

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