List of Presentations: Workshop Financial Markets and Sustainable Development in Times of Climate Change

List of pre-recorded presentations:

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Dr. Christoph Nedopil Wang, DirectorIIGF Green BRI Center, Senior Research Fellow Central University of Finance and Economics: “Addressing the missing linkage in sustainable finance: the SDG Finance Taxonomy”

Dr. Florian Egli, EnergyPoliticsGroup, ETHZ: “Who divests from fossil fuels?”

Prof. Dr. Kurt Hübner, UBC: “Financial Markets and Sustainable Finance”

Berthold Kuhn, Freie Universität Berlin: “Sustainable Finance in Germany: Discourses, Stakeholders and Policy Initiatives”

Claudia Tober, Independent Sustainable Finance Expert: “Sustainable Investment – Spotlights on Risks and Stranded Asset”

Simone Wagner, University of Hamburg: “CEO Hazard Experiences and Preferences for Sustainability”

Angela McClellan, Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG): “Key Number of Sustainable Invesment Market”

Naciye Atalay, Independent Sustainable Finance Expert: “Cred – Climate Reporting as Instrument for CO2-Reduction”

Additional Material

Berthold M. Kuhn (2020) Sustainable finance in Germany: mapping discourses, stakeholders, and policy initiatives, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, DOI: 10.1080/20430795.2020.1783151

Christoph Nedopil Wang, Mathias Lund Larsen & Y. Wang (2020) Addressing the missing linkage in sustainable finance: the ‘SDG Finance Taxonomy’, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, DOI: 10.1080/20430795.2020.1796101

Timo Busch, Tobias Hahn, Wiebke Szymczak, Simone Wagner (2020) Temperature Shocks and corporate enviromental policies