Live Sessions – Access

For our last workshop of the UAS Conference- Workshop Series 2020, “Universities on the Way to Climate Neutrality” November 05, 4-7pm CET we have installed a virtual networking platform for you: Lounjee:

Please register via the link above to the platform and once you are there, sign up again for the Workshop “Universities on the Way to Climate Neutrality” November 05, 4-7pm CET.

You will be able to join the Live Session through Lounjee. Furthermore, you can start networking with fellow sustainability experts that signed up for the workshops as soon as you are registered. Connect via chat function and 1-1 video calls and make use of the profile information to find people that interest you.

In case that you are having trouble with Lounjee, below you will find the Webex Meeting link and password. You do not need to install Webex, just click on the link and the Webex session will open in your browser. We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome to open the application.

Please make sure that you have registered on our website to receive all information about the event and the access codes.


Read our short tutorial on how to use Webex for the workshop live sessions to learn more and prepare for a great live experience.

Access to Live Meeting

Workshop: “Universities on the Way to Climate Neutrality” November 05, 4-7pm CET

Register via our virtual conferencing platform Lounjee:

In case that you do not want to take part via Lounjee:
Webex Participation Link:
(Meeting-ID: 121 234 4644, Password: XNjrUMU7h23<9

Workshop: “Higher Education for Sustainability in Turbulent Times” October 21, 4-7pm CET

Participation Link:

Meeting number: 121 627 4333
Password: suVCchqj386

Workshop: “Financial Markets and Sustainable Development in Times of Climate Change” October 20, 4-6pm CET

Participant Link:

Meeting number: 121 985 4422
Password: UAS2020

Workshop: “Innovation to Acceptance: Challenges and Potentials of a Sustainable Energy Transition” October 21,
4-6pm CET

Participant Link:

Meeting number: 121 449 0613
Password: UAS2020

Tech Support
If you have any questions regarding the UAS Conference – Workshop Series please don’t hesitate to contact the UAS Team via are given in Berlin Time (CEST UTC+2). To transfer these to your time zone you can use this website.