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(This account is written by a person who really likes sports) There are tons of sports opportunities in Berlin. The easiest way to take advantage of all of them (or let’s say a lot of them) is to have ‚the golden ticket‘, when it comes to doing sports in Berlin. Over the last year, I became a huge fan of the Urban Sports Club. A sports membership that allows you access to numerous gyms, yoga studios, swimming pools and other sports venues. I usually get bored easily and like to do a variety of different things. I love being flexible, not only of what kind of sports I do, but also when and where. Most venues do not require a sign-up in advance (a few exceptions apply), which gives you maximum flexibility.

How it works: as soon as you sign up online, you download an app. The app lists all USC partners in and around Berlin. You can filter by activity, venue, time, radius and area or just scroll through all the listings. Once you have found an activity, all that is left for you to do is to show up at the place and log in via a QR code. Done.

During a normal week, I would do a high intensity training with a group outside or inside, visit a standard gym and do weights, and go to a late-night yoga class. Granted, most standard gyms provide all these options under one roof. I guess it depends on what you are looking for and what is most important to you. I personally don’t always like the atmosphere in gyms and also don’t like to be bound to just one place. Especially, when it comes to yoga, I much rather go to a good smelling yoga studio than a sweaty gym (there are some pretty cool yoga locations in Berlin, especially in Kreuzberg).

Also good to know: you can pause and cancel your membership monthly.

(Although this reads like a paid ad, it’s not. I am just a big fan of the concept).

Autor: Philip-Alexander Kurz

Nordamerikastudien am JFKI

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