Michael Grünstäudl (Gruenstaeudl), PhD

Researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin

Monatsarchiv für Mai 2018

Teaching in spring 2018 – Part I

In the lab with teachers-to-be One of the master-level courses I teach at the Freie Universität Berlin during spring semester, the NatLab Evolution, is geared towards a comprehensive teaching education for upcoming high-school teachers.                    

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One-liner: Interleaved to deinterleaved FASTA

Quick, de-interleave it! There are one-liners that never get old. This is one of them. $ perl -MBio::SeqIO -e ‚my $seqin = Bio::SeqIO-> new(-fh => \*STDIN, -format => ‚fasta‘); while (my $seq = $seqin-> next_seq) { print „>“, $seq-> id, „\n“, $seq-> seq, „\n“; }‘ < interleaved.fasta > deinterleaved.fasta   Update 28-Jan-2019: Over time, I […]

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