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Monatsarchiv für October 2014

BabMed Lecture with Gerrit Bos

On Wednesday, 5th November 2014, Gerrit Bos – Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Martin-Buber-Institut at Cologne University – will give a lecture on a 16th century recipe book composed by the physician and Kabbalist Hayyim Vital from Safed who lived from 1542-1620. The book “Practical Kabbalah and Alchemy” (“Kabbalah Ma‘asit we-Alkhimiyah”) covers a […]

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Workshop Series with Dr. Aaron Amit (Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel)

During the third week of October, Dr. Aaron Amit, principal researcher and advisor to the BabMed partner project on the Babylonian Talmud, visited the Berlin BabMed team and the “Talmudic Medicine” project of SFB 980 “Episteme in Motion”, both headed by M. J. Geller of Freie Universität Berlin. Aaron Amit’s stay in Berlin created multiple […]

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BabMed Lecture “Talmudic Gynaecology”

Abendvortrag/ BabMed Lecture “Talmudic Gynaecology and its Relationship to Late Antique Medical Literature: Transfigurations of ‘Women’s Affairs’ (Gynaikeia)” Vom 27. bis zum 29. Oktober 2014 organisiert das im SFB 980 („Episteme in Bewegung“) vernetzte Projekt A03 “Der Transfer medizinischer Episteme in den ‘enzyklopädischen’ Sammelwerken der Spätantike” (Leitung: Prof. Philip v. d. Eijk / Prof. Markham […]

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Female Bodies and Female Practitioners

Internationale Konferenz, Projekt A03/ SFB 980 Female Bodies and Female Practitioners in the Medical Traditions of the Late Antique Mediterranean World (Gynäkologie, Frauenheilkunde und heilkundige Frauen in medizinischen Diskursen und medizinischer Praxis der Spätantike) Vom 27. Bis zum 29. Oktober organisiert das im SFB 980 („Episteme in Bewegung“) vernetzte Projekt A03 “Der Transfer medizinischer Episteme […]

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BabMed Lecture: The Formation of Hebrew Gynaecology in the Early Middle Ages

Dr. Carmen Caballero-Navas is Associate Professor at the University of Granada. Her research focuses on the Hebrew textual production on women’s healthcare in the Mediterranean West during the Middle Ages, with special attention to women’s experiences. The presentation focuses on the early stage of the reception and accommodation of gynecological literature by Jewish authors and […]

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