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Monatsarchiv für February 2016

“Healing Magic and Evil Demons” now available!

The new book “Healing Magic and Evil Demons” by Markham J. Geller, Principal Investigator of BabMed-Babylonian Medicine, and Luděk Vacín is now available. It brings together ancient manuscripts of the large compendium of Mesopotamian exorcistic incantations known as Udug.hul (Utukkū Lemnūtu), directed against evil demons, ghosts, gods, and other demonic malefactors within the Mesopotamian view […]

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Sixth Dahlem Seminar for the History of Ancient Sciences: Genres and Beyond

Sixth Dahlem Seminar for the History of Ancient Sciences: Genres and Beyond The “Dahlem Seminar for the History of Ancient Sciences” is being convened by M. J. Geller (History of Knowledge and BabMed Principal Investigator) and K. Geus (Ancient Geography) within TOPOI excellence cluster at Freie Universität Berlin. “Genres and Beyond” is the thematic framework for […]

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BabMed Post Doc Ulrike Steinert: co-convenor at Oxford

BabMed Post Doc Ulrike Steinert has been awarded a Wellcome Medical Humanities Small Grant and is currently involved in research at Oxford University during January to March 2016. She is hosted by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (ISCA) and affiliated with Wolfson College as a visiting scholar. During her stay, she is working […]

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