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Monatsarchiv für April 2015

The Tale of Tuberculosis

Scientists have traced multiple tuberculosis strains back to a single late Roman ancestor. The findings support current scientific estimates that indicate tuberculosis (TB) emerged only 6.000 years ago. Previous theories suggested that the ancestral microbe was much more ancient, perhaps 70.000 years old. Read the full article here.   Marius Hoppe

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BabMed Workshop Panel at the 61st RAI

There will be a BabMed Workhop panel at the 61st RAI in Bern named “Descriptivism and Probative Metaphor in Cuneiform and Post-Cuneiform Technical Literature”. In line with the theme of the RAI 61, namely ‘Text and Image’, the Descriptivism and Probative Metaphor workshop will look at the contrast between metaphor and descriptive language in the […]

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Morbid Terminology: Corpse Medicine

The act of using parts of deceased humans for medical purposes is defined by the term “medical cannibalism” or “corpse medicine”. Blood transfusions and organ transplants are modern forms of “corpse medicine”. In the past, parts of corpses were thought to be able to cure nearly everything from a nosebleed to epilepsy and as such […]

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Call for Papers: AJS, Boston 2015 – Jewish medical knowledge and rabbinic discourse(s) in Late Antiquity

AJS – Association for Jewish Studies – is seeking participants for a panel on medical discourse(s) in Jewish traditions throughout (Late) Antiquity. The focus of the session(s) is on medical knowledge in rabbinic traditions (i.e. Talmudic literature and Midrash) against the foil of their literary and socio-cultural background(s). However, within a broader thematic focus also […]

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