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Monatsarchiv für February 2018

Markham J. Geller in Spektrum der Wissenschaft

The latest issue of Spektrum der Wissenschaft features an article on BabMed focused on the project PI Markham J. Geller. It is titled “Mit dem Herzen denken” (thinking with the heart) and gives an insightful overview on the understanding of human anatomy in the ancient Near East as it can be deducted from the medical […]

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Helsinki Workshop ‘Ancient Digital Humanities’, March 6, 2018

In recent years, a growing number of scholars of ancient history have started to explore the possibilities offered by digital humanities. The workshop “Ancient Digital Humanities” aims to accelerate these developments and enter into the conversation already in progress in the larger field of history. The session brings together leading scholars who apply computational methods […]

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Call for Papers: 2018 meeting of EABS and SBL, Helsinki

For the 2018 meeting of EABS and SBL in Helsinki, Finland (July 30 – August 3) the convenors invite proposals for papers or for panel-sessions, preferably with a comparative perspective, on the theme “The ways of the amorites – magico-medical knowledge and practices among Jews and others in (Late) Antiquity”. Please send any proposals and/or […]

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Talk by J. Cale Johnson at the University of Bologna

“Archaic Texts and Early State Economies in Mesopotamia” is the title of a workshop at the Dipartimento Storia Culture Civiltà of the University of Bologna, where J. Cale Johnson, Deputy Head of BabMed, gives a talk about “Food, status and institutional mechanics in the Uruk IV-III texts” on February 15th, 2018. Please see the department’s website […]

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