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Monatsarchiv für November 2017

“Als hätte man den Mailserver geknackt….”: DER SPIEGEL über BabMed

SPIEGEL-Journalist J. Groll will es genau wissen – einen ganzen Nachmittag lang berichten ihm Ulrike Steinert und Markham J. Geller zum BabMed-Projekt, in der aktuellen Ausgabe des SPIEGEL liest jetzt auch die Öffentlichkeit mit:    

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BabMed @Harvard — U. Steinert’s talk at the National History Museum available on Youtube.

  Ulrike Steinert’s lecture at the Harvard National History Museum in September 2017 is now available on Youtube: For abstract and further information, please see our BabMed website.  

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An Affair of Herbal Medicine? The ‘Special’ Kitchen in the Royal Palace of Ebla

By Agnese Vacca, Luca Peyronel, and Claudia Wachter-Sarkady In antiquity, like today, humans needed a wide range of medicines, but until recently there has been little direct archaeological evidence for producing medicines. That evidence, however, also suggests that Near Eastern palaces may have been in the pharmaceutical business. Most of the medical treatments documented in […]

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First infertility diagnosis discovered in cuneiform tablet

The first diagnosis to determine infertility was made 4,000 years ago, an ancient Assyrian clay tablet discovered by Turkish researchers in central Kayseri province revealed Thursday. Read more at Daily Sabah:  

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Talmudic Discourses on Socio-Medical Interactions in Late Antiquity: L. Lehmhaus at UVA.

  Lennart Lehmhaus speaks about “Between ‘Gentile Healing’ and ‘Giving Life to Idolaters’: Talmudic Discourses on Socio-Medical Interactions in Late Antiquity.”   University of Virginia, Department of Religious Studies Monday, November 6, 2017   For further information, visit: 2017_11_UnivVirgina_Lehmhaus_announcement poster   Lennart Lehmhaus, currently a Rothfeld Fellow at the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic […]

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