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Monatsarchiv für March 2018

Troels Arbøll, Copenhagen, on how to become a Mesopotamian doctor: the case study of Kisir-Ashur.

In his PhD thesis, Troels Arbøll, Univ. of Copenhagen, retraces the making of a doctor in Mesopotamia. He analyses the notes and writings of a healer called Kisir-Ashur at the end of the seventh century BCE. More about his findings is given in an article at ScienceNordic, a Scandinavian online magazine on scientific research.   […]

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AOAT 447 by András Bácskay – Therapeutic Prescriptions against Fever in Ancient Mesopotamia

Therapeutic Prescriptions against Fever in Ancient Mesopotamia – Volume 447 of AOAT is available now. András Bácskay of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest offers transliterations, translations and philological notes for fever-related Assyrian and Babylonian therapeutic texts. Please see the Ugarit-Verlag webpage for further information.        

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Call for Papers: Rome Conference on Religions and Medicine

Religions and Medicine: From Antiquity to Contemporary Age June 5-9, 2018 Velletri (Rome)   Call for Papers In the contemporary Western world, medicine constitutes a specific branch of knowledge, with its own characteristics and methods of cure and research, and it’s tendentially autonomous, not linked with religious or folklore beliefs, even though there are still […]

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