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Monatsarchiv für July 2018

BabMed imagefilm and MedComm trailer online

BabMed Youtube Channel is open now, featuring the BabMed Imagefilm and a short video on the Medical Commentaries conference held in September 2017 at MPIWG Berlin. Watch this video on YouTube   Watch this video on YouTube

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PhD thesis – Vérène Chalendar on animals in Mesopotamian therapeutic practices

In September 2017, Vérène Chalendar of the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) in Paris, successfully defended her PhD thesis “Quand l’animal soigne… Les utilisations thérapeutiques de l’animal dans le corpus médical cunéiforme assyro-babylonien”. Part of the jury were among others Gilles Buisson and Nils P. Heeßel, both well known from several BabMed events. […]

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Workshop on Materia Medica in Topoi Haus Dahlem, July 31st 2018

Starting with the first scriptural cultures, methods for classifying and describing (medical) plants have been developed, by means of which the collected knowledge could be handed down diachronically across language and cultural borders. The topic of this workshop is the study of the related text genres of herbals, thereby uniting the outcome of projects in […]

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