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Sixth Dahlem Seminar for the History of Ancient Sciences: Genres and Beyond

Sixth Dahlem Seminar for the History of Ancient Sciences: Genres and Beyond

The “Dahlem Seminar for the History of Ancient Sciences” is being convened by M. J. Geller (History of Knowledge and BabMed Principal Investigator) and K. Geus (Ancient Geography) within TOPOI excellence cluster at Freie Universität Berlin.

Genres and Beyond” is the thematic framework for the summer 2016 series of the sixth Dahlem Seminar. Open to discussion are questions such as to how literary genres influence the presentation as well as form and content of scientific texts in the different cultures of the ancient world.

The weekly series will commence on 26 April, 2016. Speakers include Giusto Traina (Paris), Andrew George (London), Francesca Rochberg (Berkeley), Heinrich von Staden (Princeton), Daniel Boyarin (Berkeley), Peter Machinist (Harvard), Lorenzo Verderame (Rome), Victor Gysemberg (Reims/Paris), Michael Streck (Leipzig), Mary Bachvarova (Salem, Oregon), Nathan Wasserman (Jerusalem) und David Warburton (Berlin).
Working languages are English and German. Attendance is free of charge, no advance notification is required.

Freie Universität Berlin – Summer semester 2016 – Tuesdays from 18–20, TOPOI-Bibliothek at TOPOI house Dahlem


A detailed programme will be made available online at
For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Klaus Geus (

The Dahlem Seminar for the History of Ancient Sciences is made possible by TOPOI Excellence Cluster.



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