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BabMed Post Doc Ulrike Steinert: co-convenor at Oxford

BabMed Post Doc Ulrike Steinert has been awarded a Wellcome Medical Humanities Small Grant and is currently involved in research at Oxford University during January to March 2016.

She is hosted by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (ISCA) and affiliated with Wolfson College as a visiting scholar. During her stay, she is working on a paper which analyses views and evaluations of menstruation and female bodily discharges in ancient Mesopotamian medicine (

Together with Professor Elisabeth Hsu (ISCA), Ulrike is co-convenor of this term’s seminar of the Anthropology Research Group Oxford, on Eastern Medicines (ArgO-EMR), which focuses on Divination in ancient Mesopotamia and China.

She will be the speaker of the Feb 11 session of this term’s Language and Anthropology Seminar at ISCA, focusing on Writing Systems.

Ulrike will also present a paper about her current research at a session of the Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology Seminar, on Feb 23, 4.30pm at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Oxford University.


Agnes Kloocke

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