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‘Defining Jewish Medicine’ at UCL in July 2014



On Monday, July 28th and Tuesday, July 29th, the two-day International Summer Conference 2014 of the Institute of Jewish Studies is being held at the University College London. Participants include Ulrike Steinert of the BabMed project/FU Berlin as well as Lennart Lehmhaus, a member of SFB 980 – Episteme in Motion/FU Berlin.


Defining Jewish Medicine. International Conference UCL, June 2014

‘DEFINING JEWISH MEDICINE’ Institute of Jewish Studies, UCL International Summer Conference, June 2014



The association between Jewish doctors and their calling has roots which go back to the Babylonian Talmud and proceed throughout the Middle Ages into modernity, with major contributions to medicine being made by Jewish practicioners. A fundamental aspect of this question is how to define ‘Jewish medicine’ throughout ist long history. Developing a clear profile will have considerable influence on the way we view the connection between Jews and medicine.

The conference will present different aspects of research on Jewish medicine – its origins, its historical context, how medicine could be influenced by Jewish law and custom (halachah) and how the role of the Jewish doctor has evolved over the centuries.

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