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Melammu: The Ancient World in an Age of Globalization

We are pleased to announce a new volume of the Melammu ProjectThe Heritage of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East:

Melammu: The Ancient World in an Age of Globalization

This volume which was edited by Markham J. Geller, Principal Investigator of the BabMed Project, is an important contribution to the discussion on globalization in the archaic world – usually globalization is regarded as something taking place only in more recent times.

The idea of the ‘first globalisation’ was chosen as the topic of the 6th Melammu symposium, dealing with Mesopotamia in its broadest geographical and chronological extensions, both actual and metaphorical.  The present conference was hosted by the Rector of the New Bulgarian University, Prof. Sergei Ignatov (former Bulgarian Minister of Education), and Prof. Teodor Lekov, head of the Institute of Egyptology of that University, and held in Sofia 1-3 September, 2008.   This was the sixth in the series of Melammu symposia, with number seven having taken place at Obergurgl, Austria (November 2013), with four other future meetings being planned. For further information visit the website:  

The present Melammu volume extends from Greece to India, with articles on Phrygia and Armenia, also viewing texts from ancient Israel, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. The globalization described in this volume extends over language barriers and literatures, showing how texts as well as goods can travel between societies and regions. This collection of papers offer new insights and perspectives into connections between the Mediterranean World, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Persia and India.

The series Proceedings of the Max Planck Research Library for the History and Development of Knowledge presents the results of scientific meetings on current issues and supports further cooperation on these issues via an electronic platform. The volume is available both as print-on-demand book and as open-access publication on the Internet. It is freely accessible online at:

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