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Collecting Recipes ‒ Byzantine and Jewish Pharmacology in Dialogue

The study of ancient traditions of recipe-books and medical collections of pharmacology in Late Antiquity and beyond was the thematic focus of the 2013 Berlin pharmacology workshop. Conference organizers Lennart Lehmhaus and Matteo Martelli of the SFB 980 ‘Episteme in Motion’ project A03 are now announcing the proceedings volume. Contributions cover different periods in the history of ancient pharmacology, from Greek, Byzantine, and Syriac medicine to the Rabbinic-Talmudic medical discourses. With a clear comparative approach, this collection opens up new synchronic and diachronic perspectives in the study of the ancient traditions of recipe-books and medical collections as well as of practical applications of drugs and remedies.

More about the proceedings volume at de Gruyter publishers.

Please find the 2013 conference survey on the homepage of SFB 980 – Episteme in motion.

Igor Itkin

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