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International Conference on Ancient Magic

Egyptian and Jewish Magic in Antiquity
Contexts, Contacts, Continuities and Comparisons – A Collaborative International Conference in Ancient Magic

Time and Place
6th-9th July, 2015, University of Bonn (In cooperation with the Tel Aviv University)


The topics adressed at this collaborative conference will be the continuity and changes in  Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic-Christian, Jewish and Islamic magic as well as their relation among themselves. Aside from the textual evidence, the archaeology of magic will be a point of discussion. In order to make these subjects accessible to scholars of other ancient magical traditions, six academic workshops open to interested scholars and students are planned, aiming to develop a methodology of cooperation.

The papers will include presentations of specific magical rituals concerning funerary magic, aggressive magic, defensive magic, love magic, oneiric magic, transformative magic, necromancy, demonology and, of course, healing magic.


For further information and full conference program see here


Till Kappus

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