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CALL FOR PAPERS: “Medicine in Bible and Talmud” EABS research unit, Leuven (Belgium), 17-20 July 2016

Papers are invited on the theme of the “Concepts of Disease in traditions of (Late) Antiquity”, extending from biblical and apocryphal texts, into later Jewish, rabbinic and early Christian contexts. We are especially interested in presentations on rabbinic-talmudic traditions against the foil of their literary and socio-cultural background(s). Discussions of earlier discourses in the Bible and the post-biblical literature and medicine in later medieval traditions are also welcome, as far as they relate to the transfer of knowledge on different paths. We aim to offer a comparative perspective by keeping an eye on the embeddedness of medical discourses on illness and disease in their surrounding cultures (ancient Babylonian, Greco-Roman, Early Christian, Syriac and Muslim-Arabic). Such a perspective will allow for assessing Talmudic medical ideas of disease within a broader history of medicine and to determine their particular Jewishness. While addressing the interaction between various medical discourses, papers may consider different strategies (borrowing/ camouflage/ negation) which may relate to questions of the transcultural history of science(s) and knowledge in (Late) Antiquity.


Please send your proposals to both chairs:

Markham J. Geller:

Lennart Lehmhaus:


Abstracts should be submitted also via a free account at the EABS website’s application system.



Lennart Lehmhaus
SFB 980 Freie Universität Berlin, Project A03
The Transfer of Medical Episteme in the ‘Encyclopaedic’ Compilations of Late Antiquity

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