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TOPOI conference in May 2016: Scholars, Priests and Temples – Babylonian and Egyptian Science in Context

Scholars, Priests and Temples – Babylonian and Egyptian Science in Context
12-14 May 2016
TOPOI – Humboldt University Berlin, Hannoversche Strasse 6, Room 1.03

Late Babylonian, Late Egyptian and Greco-Roman Egyptian scholarship and its institutional and social contexts:
In the last few decades our understanding of scholarship, priesthood and temple institutions during the late periods of Babylonian and Egyptian history has greatly expanded.

However, the results that were obtained in each area are not always noticed across disciplinary boundaries, and the same may be true for some of the innovative approaches that were adopted in research. The conference will bring together specialists in Late Babylonian, Late Egyptian and Egyptian Graeco-Roman science as well as experts in the temple institutions and the social and institutional contexts in which scholarship was practiced. The conference focuses on the time between 600 BCE and 200 CE, roughly corresponding to the Neo Babylonian, Achaemenid, Seleucid and Parthian eras in Babylonia and the Late Egyptian, Ptolemaic and Roman eras in Egypt. During this period there were significant developments in the sciences as well as major changes in the role of the temples as loci of scholarship, the notion of priesthood and the practice of royal patronage.

Speakers include Brian Muhs (Chicago), Caroline Waerzeggers (Leiden), David Klotz (Basel), Markham J. Geller (FU Berlin), Heather Baker (Toronto), Johannes Hackl (Leipzig), Joachim Quack (Heidelberg), Alexandra von Lieven (FU Berlin), Alexander Jones (New York University), John Steele (Brown University), Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum (FU Berlin), Damien Agut (Paris) / Philippe Clancier (Paris), Geert de Breucker (Groningen), Paul-Alain Beaulieu (Toronto), Mathieu Ossendrijver (HU Berlin), Marvin Schreiber (HU Berlin), Andreas Winkler (Oxford), Julia Krul (Durham).

Please see at the TOPOI website for full conference programme.

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