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Reimaging Babylon: Birmingham Assyriology 2nd Annual Symposium; 13th May 2016

BabMed project advisor Henry Stadhouders, Universiteit Utrecht, will give a talk on ‘Dream Rituals’ at the Birmingham Assyriology 2nd Annual Symposium in May 2016:


Reimaging Babylon: Birmingham Assyriology 2nd Annual Symposium
Friday 13th May University of Birminham, Arts Lecture Room 1

Please register by emailing <>, and provide your name and institution.

10-10:30 – Registration
10:30 – Keynote – Dr. Martin Worthington
11:00 – Panel 1: Ritual

  • Dr. Henry Stadhouders – Dream Rituals
  • Kerrie Myers – An Analysis of the Babylonian Mouth-Washing (Mīs Pî) Ritual as a Rite of Transition (21 words)

12:20 – Panel 2: Understanding Women

  • Nicola Apps – The Development of the Depiction of Women on Cylinder Seals
  • Orieji Bright – Pu-abi; Queen, Princess or High Priestess

13:20 – Lunch

14:20 – Panel 3: Language

  • Guy Kirkham-Smith – “Oh Enki, what big ears you have!” “But Athene, what big eyes you have!”: Sources of Wisdom from Mesopotamia to Greece
  • Lynette Talbot – Tracing textual history: new approaches to medical texts
  • Narmin Ismayilova – Applying the Sumerian-Akkadian model to Farsi-Azeri writing system

16:10 – Panel 4: Assyrian Politics

  • Ben Dewar – Accounts of Rebellion in the Inscriptions of Sennacherib and his Disassociation from Sargon II
  • Ellie Bennett – Tribes and Camels: Magee’s Interpretation of Assyrian Intervention in Arabia

17:10 – Closing Statements

17:20 – Reception



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