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The BabMed ERC-project has run its course, but is far from over


The end? Far from it…


Over the past five years, the BabMed team and our project associates have worked hard to break the proverbial lock on Cuneiform and Talmudic medicine. It was the ERC 7th framework and the great support by Freie Universität Berlin, especially the Department of History and Cultural Studies, that enabled us to systematically study Ancient Babylonian Medicine for the first time since the BAM volumes of Franz Köcher and create a fresh awareness for these early scientific achievements within the academic community as well as the general public.

Our BabMed Annual Workshops and the BabMed Corpora Online edition have, in combination with the BabMed volumes with de Gruyter, Mohr Siebeck and Routledge publishers, prepared the grounds for future research on the History of Medicine not only in Assyriology and Talmudic Studies, but also in Classical and Ancient Studies and Egyptology.




With sincere thanks to everyone involved in the successful course of the BabMed project, and: there is still a great deal left to do.

The BabMed team






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