Trading Internship in Armenia

I came to Yerevan/Armenai for a 2-month internship and I loved my experience and I will tell you why.

In comparison to European nations, Armenia is substantially less expensive. Every month, I spend $400 on food and entertainment. Rent and the quantity of grocery shopping are reasonable. There are many great locations to explore. As an illustration, consider visiting Downtown, Republic Square, Opera Theater, Matenadaran, Parajanov, MOMA, National Gallery, Cafesijan Art Centre, and don’t forget to stop by Genocide Memorial, Erebuni Fortress. Yerevan is a safe city for students. Dont worry, you will be safe.

This city is very historic and one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded around 2800 years ago. In Yerevan you can meet all the contrasts from the past and present.
You never get board in Yerevan. There are a lot of good restaurants and bars where you can try traditional Armenian dishes, for all kind of preferences, also you can find a lot of Arabic, Georgian, Indian, Italian, etc restaurants.My favorite dishes are Lahmajo, Mante, Dolma, Khorovadz Pushkin Street, where best, well-known pubs are. Armenians are very king, warm and welcoming people. You won’t feel like a stranger in this country. There are so many cool events happening in the city. Yerevan is not a big city so you can easily reach to your favorite place by bus, train, taxi or even walking.

Regarding my internship in Yerevan, it took place in a recently established trading company with a focus on trading fabrics. During my 2-month internship, I learned a lot about the fabric industry in Armenia and their trading partners in other countries. Most of the time, I was working under the management of both the managing director and other staff. Since Persian is my native tongue and I speak English, I was mostly in charge of communicating with companies whose primary languages were Persian and English, while other staff members and interns handled interactions inside Armenia. I gained a lot of knowledge about business procedures, such as contacting other companies, setting up meetings, introducing the business, and seeking collaboration. My ultimate goal is to work in a trade organization outside of my home country, therefore this internship was really helpful in giving me the confidence I need to apply for positions and succeed in interviews.

In general Yerevan is a very good and comfortable city to live, study and to work. If you want to come here for a semester or more, don’t hesitate. I highly recommend this city. You will enjoy it.

Tipps für andere Praktikanten

It is good to look for organizations or companies that can help you advance your knowledge in your study field. Contact them at least 6-4 months before your departire date. Sometimes it takes them long time to respond to your email.

I found my organization through other company’s suggestion.

You can look for apartments on Airbnb

I found CareMed Insurance Company very easy to apply and very helpful.

I had a T-Mobile which was working perfectly in Armenia, it gave me 4G and free texting

My stay was short and I didn’t need to apply for Armenian bank account

The city is full of clubs, bars, pubs, and parties. All these venues are located in the city center, so if you don’t like one, you can always walk to another one. So much variety and in general you never get board.

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