Welcome to the blog!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the first blog post of the disaster research blog by the Disaster Research Unit (DRU) at Freie Universität Berlin.

The DRU of the Freie Universität Berlin is a socioscientific research institution specialising in interdisciplinary research into disasters. The DRU’s body of work encompasses the entire “disaster cycle”: from its inception, its progression, into its after-math and the associated reconstruction and coping. This research topically breaks down into risk perception, risk reduction, disaster prevention, preparation, warning and disaster behaviour, all the way to disaster coping and sustainable reconstruction for industrialised nations as well as the so-called “Global South”. In addition to this, the DRU engages in social scientific and humanities basic research alongside other applied research and consulting.

In this blog DRU researchers will provide insights in their work, present ongoing research and discuss current developments in the field of disasters and disaster research.

As the work of the DRU is concerned both with disasters in Germany as well as abroad and, thus, targets different audiences blog posts might be in German or in English.