EarthExplorer Exercise

1) Download all Landsat 8 Level-2 products which have sensed Berlin (location: Alexanderplatz) in the months of June through August 2017 and have a maximum cloud coverage of 10%! Save the downloaded files to “/media/sf_exchange/landsatdata/” in the VM!

At least the following scenes should be included:


2) Download all Landsat 8 Level-2 products with the unique scene ID “LC08_L1TP_192023_20160827_20170321_01_T1”! Save the downloaded files to “/media/sf_exchange/landsatdata/” in the VM!

(Hint: use additional criterias for ID searches)
As you search for a unique ID, exactly one scene should be found:


3) Find the latest Landsat 8 ascending (nighttime) imaging Berlin!

(Hint: use additional criterias)
Night scenes are not stored regularly on the data server.
The latest night scenes are from the September of 2014:


4) Search all Landsat 5 Level-1 scenes that have shown Berlin 2017!

You will not find any scenes, because Landsat 5 was officially decommissioned on June 5, 2013.