R Crash Course

This is a R crash course for anyone who previously had no or very little contact with script-based programming. It should establish the basic understanding needed for upcoming chapters.
You are an old hand in R programming and do not need this introduction? – Skip this section and jump to the next!

In order to deepen your knowledge, in particular with a view to statistical analysis, we recommend the advanced elearning course SOGA (Softwaregestützte Geodatenanalyse). User name and password for SOGA are “ilovestats” in a single word. Of course, there are lots of advanced tutorials and relevant literature out there, which should not go unmentioned here.

Crash Course in a Box

We subdivided this crash course into several sections. At the end of most sections you will get to test your knowledge with coding exercises (E)!

1 Package Management
2 Calculate With R
3 Variables
4 Functions + E I
5 Vectors + E II
6 Matrices + E III
7 Lists
8 Dataframes + E IV
9 Missing values
10 Control Structures + E V