Quiz: Institutionalization of Gender & Diversity

The fact that women are allowed to vote and earn doctorates, that there are various points of contact for gender-related, racist or anti-disability discrimination – all this may seem self-evident in 2021. But often, these basic rights have been introduced to German law quite recently and much remains to be done.

In our Quiz, „Institutionalizing Gender and Diversity,“ that we present to you today in an updated and revised form, you can test your existing knowledge and acquire some new.

Good luck!

English version // Find the German version here

Notice: Quiz questions can also be integrated into Blackboard! They are excellent as a dynamic introduction to the course, as a break after input phases or as a stimulus for discussions. Read in this illustrated tutorial (German) how to do it. On your website you can embed the content with the „Embed“ button via iFrame. Distortions in the display are possible, so please check the usability before distribution.

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